An Exclusive Benefit of Winning:

FREE Gold Medal Wines iPhone App Listing!

Gold+, Gold, and Silver Medal winners in the Organic & Biodynamic Wine Competition will receive a FREE basic listing on our exclusive Gold Medal Wines iPhone app, available on iPhone and iTouch.  (We are also writing the app for Blackberry and Droid).  NO OTHER WINE COMPETITION OFFERS THIS MARKETING ADVANTAGE!

The Free Medal Winner Listing Includes:

•  Brand
•  Company
•  Label
•  Medal
•  Price
•  Varietal
•  Vintage
•  Appellation
• Phone – Live link
• Website – Live link

Winners will also be able to take advantage of Premium listings and Featured Wine Listings.

•  Premium listing and Featured Wines will increase point of purchase sales, drive traffic to your website and your winery.

•  Create a steady, extremely cost-effective stream of new e-mail leads of wine buyers.

Paperless coupon opportunities can deliver consumers directly to your website or special offer landing page, or even be scanned in during tasting room sales.

Just .99c, the Gold Medal Wines is the ONLY iPhone app that puts competition results directly into the hands of consumers… and it insures they’ll “Always get a GREAT bottle of wine!™”

For more information on the creative and flexible sales opportunities offered by the 2010 Gold Medal Wines iPhone app, Contact Us

Lea Pierce 707-568-3900

Marg Clennon 408-255-3506

To Purchase your own 2010 Gold Medal Wines App order from the iPhone App Store or  the online iTunes Store

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