About the National Women’s Wine Competition, NWWC

The wine competition began as a “bolt out of the blue” in early 2005. Lea Pierce, a direct marketing consultant in the wine industry, was discussing wine competitions in general with a colleague when inspiration struck: “We should hold a national women’s wine competition!” she said.

Pierce understood that women buy 60-70% of all the wine in the U.S., creating an untapped opportunity to create a competition judged entirely by women. The results would create the first “woman-to-woman roadmap of the wine industry™,” helping professional wine buyers and consumers identify wines that women enjoy – and helping wineries sell more wine.

After two years of work and development, the first competition was staged in 2007 in Santa Rosa, California.

The competition was a smash success. First-year wine competitions typically garner 200-400 entries. But the time was ripe for the idea, and the first-year competition astounded the producers and wine industry alike by attracting nearly 1900 entries, with press inquires from as far away as Romania.

Beginning with the 2008 competition, NWWC began accepting International wines into the Open and Women Winemakers Challenge competitions. Entries increased to nearly 2,000 wines from around the world.

NWWC is committed to the highest standards of competition. Our promise to our entrants is that their wines will be appropriately categorized so they will show to their best, and will be judged by the leading women in the wine industry. We are also committed to protecting your wine and storing it properly, which is why we are one of a handful of competitions that maintain year-round temperature controlled wine storage at Sonoma Storage Emporium in Santa Rosa, CA.